Virtual slides

This section features a collection of JPEG2000-related examples, which can be viewed using the JVSview software. In addition, the section includes supplementary material, such as compression ratio comparisons.

Single-layer brightfield virtual slides

Subdermal tumor

Prostate biopsy

Brain tumor TMA immunostain (Ki-67)

Prostate specimen (very large)

Lymph node H&E

Carcinomatous biopsy

Liquid PAP (extended focus)

Specimen demonstrating the use of metadata and regions of interest (ROIs)

Multi-layer brightfield virtual slides

Liquid PAP with 3 focus layers

Cytocentrifuged sample with 3 focus layers

Multi-layer Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) virtual slides

Tissue section

Tissue section

Tissue section

Tissue section

Cell line

Cell line

Supplementary material

A downloadable JPEG2000 virtual slide for comparing the speed of local vs. JPIP viewing:
    * View remotely
    * Download local image (~84 MB)

JPEG & JPEG2000 compression ratio comparison

Example images for different JPEG2000 compression ratios:
    * lossless
    * ratio 10:1 (2.40 bpp)
    * ratio 15:1 (1.60 bpp)
    * ratio 20:1 (1.20 bpp)
    * ratio 25:1 (0.96 bpp)
    * ratio 30:1 (0.80 bpp)
    * ratio 35:1 (0.69 bpp)
    * ratio 40:1 (0.60 bpp)
    * ratio 45:1 (0.53 bpp)
    * ratio 50:1 (0.48 bpp)

JPEG2000 compression speed test image for the DICOM WG-26 meeting (May 2008). Image size 57,341 x 83,184 pixels (24-bit RGB). Compression of this image took 15 minutes with JVScomp run on a 2 GHz dual core PC.
    * View remotely
    * Download local image (~437 MB)

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