JVS microscope virtual slide scanner (2012-)

Surveyor scanner hardware specifications:
Microscope body: Olympus BX51
Objective lenses: 4X for overview scan, Plan Apo 20X and Plan Apo 40X for final scan.
Motorised objective lens turret
Swing-out  condensor (N.A. 0.9)
Motorised specimen stage Prior H101a
Focus motor Prior H122
Slide loader: Prior PL-200 (capacity max. 200 slides)
Barcode reader: Minihawk Microscan
Camera: Allied Vision Technologies GX2750 CCD RGB
(2750x2200 pixels, 1'-chip, pixel size 4.5 micrometers)
Controlling Computer: Win7-64bit PC with 16 CPUs and 32 gigabytes of 
RAM memory, hosting OASIS microscope controller card (Objective Imaging)
 Scanning controller software:
Surveyor ver.  by Objective Imaging Inc (see www.objectiveimaging.com)
 Image post-processing:
JVS WSI converter software to stitch image bitmap image tiles and create JPEG2000 
montage image (whole slide image)